Cristina Sport – A passion for riding

Cristina Sport, in business for many years, is now the brand of glamour in the equestrian world. Twice a year Cristina Sport brings out a new collection of women’s high performance equestrian wear.

Creativity and research inspire the styling department, which has collaborated in the past with the best Italian designers. High-quality materials carefully selected, together with innovation and style, allow to develop cutting-edge products, sophisticated and easily wearable.

With passion and total commitment to excellence Cristina Sport manufactures technical clothing, beautifully cut and made with the best sports fabrics available. Because of its impeccable craftsmanship Cristina Sport represents a choice of value: true Italian tradition and attention to quality meet the most demanding aesthetic and technical requirements. To ensure durability and strength and to provide the horsewoman with maximum comfort during the jumping competitions.

Cristina Sport product portfolio also includes a set of riding accessories.

Saddle pads, fly fringes, horse blankets and our other accessories can be customized with a broad range of refined fabrics and colours: the nearly limitless variety of combinations ensures the proper response to all your needs.

Made in Italy style is synonymous with a highly unique product, expression of the best quality and timeless luxury.

Cristina Sport