How do I pay?
You can pay by PayPal.

When will the amount owed be charged to my account?
The amount owed will be charged to your account at time of purchase. The shipping of goods may even take place a few days after the order confirmation.
For standard products in stock, delivery is expected within 7-10 working days; for customized products delivery is expected from 20-30 days after the payment of the order.

What currency will be used?
The currency used in all the payments is the Euro (EUR).

Are on-line purchases safe?
PayPal uses special systems to control and check all the transactions that take place on the web, to allow for cryptographing all potentially sensitive data.
All transactions are processed through a secure server. PayPal guarantee customers the highest security level for every purchase.

My payment has not been accepted, why not?
Your order will be processed immediately considering that all information provided at the time of checkout is valid and approved. The import of the order will be charged on your credit card at time of purchase.
In the event your credit card is declined, the following reasons may apply:
– the card may have expired; please make sure the expiration date of the credit card is correct;
– credit limit may have been exceeded;
– please make sure that all the data entered in the required fields are correct.

What is a CVV/CVC code?
The CCV (Credit Card Verification code) is a 3 or 4 number code on the back of your credit card which is necessary for increasing the security of the transaction.

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