Horse-riding clothes and accessories. Quality and glamour made in Italy.

Cristina Sport riding clothes and accessories for your horse and stable are strictly manufactured in Italy: that’s an acknowledged guarantee of the highest quality and sophisticated taste all over the world.

Microfiber sweaters, polo, shirts, sweatshirts, show jackets and breeches offer strength and maximum comfort both professional show jumper and amateur. In addition all our accessories for horse – saddle pads, huts, coolers, exercise coolers – and stable – stable curtain, stable guard, bandage bags, jacket cover – can be customized with a broad range of refined fabrics and colours.

Cristina Sport product portfolio also includes a very wide choice of dog accessories.
Blankets (with custom service available) and moreover collars, leashes, harnesses have always been synonymous with care and attention for our pets. Designed to be functional and comfortable for the dog, these accessories manufactured in Italy are also so beautiful and they represent a remarkable masterpiece of Italian taste.

Cristina Sport besides sells a broad range of luxury beds and dog toys.
We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best from Ireland in customer satisfaction.
Our dog beds combine comfort and elegance with durability and toughness and they are the ultimate in comfort and luxury for your pets; our toys are designed for safe, durable dog play and are appropriate for every age and level of activity.

Cristina Sport